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Video productions of memorial services for our veterans, active duty, police officers, firefighters, safety officials, and first responders is a specialty of Military Memorial Video.

We take pride in serving our military community and first responders public service personnel.

We honor the traditions and work closely with funeral directors, clergy, on-site personnel, and the families to record this meaningful tribute.


Some of Our Work

Our Live Streaming Services are technologically advanced and have the capability to span across the country and around the world.

Military Memorial Video is ideally located to meet the needs of families throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

To honor the service & memory of our veterans.

We pay tribute to your veteran’s service.Documenting the power and pageantry of a military memorial service is a fitting final salute to your veteran.


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Thank you for your interest in Military Memorial Service.  It will be our honor to be of service to you!  Please fill out this online contact form, or reach out to us by phone or email. 

Funeral Video Service is ideally located to meet the needs of families throughout North CarolinaSouth Carolina and Virginia. From our base of operations in Sanford, NC, we are capable of accessing our clients within a matter of hours, regardless of their location.