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Agricultural business is big business. It has a significant economic impact on our region and the world. Over the years, TRP Sumner has developed specialized expertise to meet the unique tax, accounting and financial needs of agricultural and agri-related business clients. Our large and diverse client roster includes poultry, swine, cattle and dairy operations, producers of raw materials for textiles, fruit and vegetable growers, agri-tourism businesses and more. And it continues to grow. So much so, that we have created a “Farm Team” of accounting professionals to work with clients in this sector.

Our Farm Team: l to r: Keith Raynor, Shelby Taylor, Dylan Ward, Trent Williams

For our agricultural and agri-business clients, we offer much more than tax and accounting services tailored for your industry. With their specialized expertise, the accountants from our Farm Team will work with you, providing personalized advisory services to enhance your operation and address specific issues that may include:

  • Farm income tax preparation and tax planning 
  • Helping farmers and agribusiness owners structure business entities to allow for efficient operation, while minimizing your taxes and exposure to liability
  • Utilizing industry-specific knowledge of agricultural employment taxes and other farm tax matters, as well as employee compensation/benefit planning and retirement plan consulting, to improve your operations, while boosting employee satisfaction/recruitment efforts 
  • For multi-generational family farm operations, assisting with estate planning and other matters to help ensure a smooth succession, minimize your tax liability/costs, and provide maximum financial benefit 
  • Using our experience and expertise for accurate valuation of your farm or other agricultural business 
  • Facilitating your growth plans by helping with expansion proposals and working closely with lenders for farm financing
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